Thadea Decora

Founder, CEO

Thadea Decora is a Toronto based illustrator, set designer and alternative model. She draws inspiration from the occult, chaos magick, anime, world religions, Japanese painting/print-making and art nouveau design. She has built stages and installations for Anime North, Toronto Pride, Hyperborea Music Festival, House of VR, fashion shows and club events around Toronto.

She has two ongoing series; the neon tarot deck, which is a deck of tarot cards based on Toronto partiers, artists, friends, family and patrons and is open for commission. And the Chaos Crystal, an ever growing acrylic black-light art installation.

Lillian Moon is a Toronto based multimedia artist. She has years of experience in a variety digital mediums, graphic design, stage design, sculpting, cosplay creation, body painting, and much more.

The bulk of Lillian’s work consists of mesmerizing black-light reactive and light up creations for stages and atmosphere at local events. She always pushes herself to make each project bigger and better than the last.

Lillian favours working in software mediums to create flowing graphic design, digital illustration, motion graphics, web design and concept work. She is experienced with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, CLIP Studio Paint, and 3DStudio Max.

Ava Winter
(Squirrel Bones)

Crafting Queen

Exactly what it says on the tin, Squirrel Bones is a blend of creep and cute. Whether its kawaii collage, cadaverous crystaline creations, or costumes and cosplay, Ava expresses the best of both worlds in her art. From wire wrapped animal bones, to decoden phone cases, to cosplaying her favourite characters, Ava brings an unexpected handmade mix of sweet and spooky.